Envelope Addressing

Outer Envelope - $2.50 each

Inner Envelope - $2.00 each

Return Address - + $2.00 each

Reply/RSVP Envelope - $2.00 each


Handmade Paper or hard textured items - + $0.50/item

Non-black Ink - $0.25/envelope

Decorative Elements (watercolor, wax seals, liner, etc.) - $0.50 + /envelope

Stuffing, Stamping and Mailing (doesn’t include postage) - $1.00/envelope

Place Cards/Escort Cards

Place Cards (Up to two words, Single side, black ink) - $1.50/card

Escort Card (Couples names and table number) - $1.75/card


RSVP Card (Up to two words) - $1.25 each


Name Tags

Name Tags (Up to 2 words) - $1.50/tag


Add-Ons for Place Cards, Escort Cards, RSVP Cards and Name Tags

Handmade Paper or hard textured items - + $0.25/item

Non-black Ink - $0.25/card

Decorative Elements (watercolor, wax seals, etc.) - $0.25+ /card

Gold Leaf - $0.50/item

Table Numbers

Single Sided - $5.00


Designs and Commission

Wedding Vows - $75.00 +

Menu Design - $75.00

Invitation Design - $150.00



Seating Charts (Paper, Acrylic, Mirror, or Wood)

0 - 100 Guests - $250+

101 -150 Guests - $300+

151 - 200 Guests- $350+

Additional lines - +1.00 each


Other Signage (Paper, Acrylic, Mirror, or Wood)

Depends on Design and Size - 50+



Wine Bottles, Perfume Bottles, etc.

Flat rate for up to 5 words with color inlay (gold or silver) - $25.00

+ 6 Words - $1.00/word


On-Site Calligraphy and Engraving

Calligraphy - $100/hr, 3 hour minimum

Engraving - $120/hr, 3 hour minimum

*We are unable to engrave under pressure items such as Champaign or Sparkling Wine.

Rush Fee

Rush Fee - 50% down payment + 30% of total cost

Important Items to Note

Texas residents are subject to a 8.25% sales tax.

All services are subject to a set up fee of $20.00+

There is a 50% non-refundable down payment at time of booking.

Turnaround time depends on number of envelopes and current schedule. 

All Calligraphy is done in black ink. There is an extra charge for other ink colors.

Pricing doesn’t include paper or other surfaces. If needed links to recommendations can be provided.

Please provide at least 10% additional envelopes to allow for mistakes or last minute changes. 

All prices are subject to change depending on the unique nature of the project.

Please contact us for more information.