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A Guide to Calligraphy for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! Temperatures are getting colder, and hearts are getting warmer as we’ll soon be gathering with friends and family members, decorating the home with holiday cheer, and giving thoughtful gifts to your loved ones! While the holidays are a wonderful time of year, it can also be extremely stressful for someone with a busy schedule, like so many of us have. Trying to find the right gift for everyone in your life can become quite time consuming.

Have no fear! Below you’ll find some tips on how calligraphy can take the stress out of your holidays! With calligraphy, you can deliver a meaningful hand-made gift, throw an awesome holiday party, or add a special personalized touch to your holiday cards!

Delivering Christmas cards is a timeless holiday tradition. It is a simple way to show your friends, neighbors, and colleagues that you are thinking about them this time of year. Why not go above and beyond this year with calligraphy envelope addressing! Having this special touch on the envelopes will add sophistication and thoughtfulness to your cards, without you

having to take the time to address each and every one. It is a simple way to enhance your Christmas game this year!

There is nothing more thoughtful than giving someone a custom gift made just for them. With calligraphy you can give an engraved wine glass, wine bottle, tumbler, mason jar, and much more, so there is an option for everyone in your life. Taking the time to go above and beyond and have their gift engraved will truly show how deeply you love and care for that person, and isn’t that the real goal of gift giving on the holidays?

If it’s your job to throw the holiday party this year and you don’t know what to do, consider an on-site calligraphy or engraving event! Your guests will get to have an immersive calligraphy experience and watch an expert create awesome pieces. Not to mention they’ll all go home with a personalized calligraphy souvenir at the end. An on-site calligraphy holiday party is guaranteed to be one that your guests never forget!

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