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The Secret to a Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift

Do you know what’s the most popular place on February 14th at 8:00am?

The greeting card aisle at your local superstore. There you will find all the people who “forgot” about the most romantic holiday of the year. While sure, it’s a day filled with corny greeting card messages, giant stuffed bears, and the same chocolate boxes we’ve received since the dawn of time, it doesn’t have to be. Are you ready to make your Valentine’s Day gift extra special this year? Try calligraphy or hand engraving to add that special personalized touch which will be sure to set you apart.

Let’s check out some special ways you can make your significant other feel the love:

Custom Engraved Perfume

The nice thing about a personalized engraving is that you can do it on something both functional and beautiful. Perfume may be something your loved one uses often, but even if it’s just for date nights, every time they use it they’ll see the personalized engraving you thought to add. That means time after time, your loved one will be thinking about you. When you’re looking for something that keeps your love alive long after the holiday, these practical, yet meaningful, gifts are a perfect choice.

A Poem in Calligraphy

Shakespeare knew what he was doing. There is perhaps nothing more powerful than the written word to show someone how much you care. But remember, we need to set you apart from the greeting card aisle mass appeal. For a truly meaningful gift, spend some time writing down your heartfelt thoughts to your loved one. When you’re ready, contact us at Scripted by Kalaya. We’ll make sure your words become lasting memories to cherish.

A Nice Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine is a great way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day— but think of the memories you can keep if you use personalized engraving. What was once just a bottle, is now a lasting memory of your special night together. Add something special to your Shiraz or an inside joke to your Chardonnay. With personalized engraving, the sky's the limit for how much fun you can have with any bottle of wine. The most meaningful gifts are often ones that remind you of a time and place. Your wine bottle will do just that.

Handwritten Art

Is there a special phrase you often say to your significant other? Maybe a secret only the two of you share? To create a truly meaningful gift, use calligraphy to turn it into art. At Scripted by Kalaya, we can take your words and give them that extra flair they deserve. Calligraphy gifts use your own special words, but transform them into art pieces you both can appreciate. You’ll be reminded of your love for one another, whenever you pass it by.

Whatever you choose this Valentine’s Day gift giving season, remember that the most meaningful gifts are often those that include that little extra something special. With personalized calligraphy or engraving, you’ll truly stand apart as a gift giver extraordinaire.


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